about rustic rascal

I'm Rachael Kerr, 27, from the Scottish Borders. I launched the biz after making my own wedding stationery in 2018. I struggled to find any rustic invitations which had feely bits, hard to explain, but I had a vision and I couldn't find it. I found tonnes of frills and sparkles, and clean graphic design looking invitations, but nothing tangibly rustic to suit our barn wedding. So I ordered in my own supplies and went twine-crazy!

As a result, the stationery I offer is TANGIBLY rustic, meaning I use natural and rugged materials to embellish my stationery, so you'll be able to feel the mini 3D kraft hearts sticking out, the mini wooden stags stuck on, the hand tied twine bows and the rough edges of the hessian. You'll feel the care and effort that's went into putting together each and every item I make for you. It's an exceptionally personal service, competitively priced, Eco-friendly and everything has those FEELY BITS. I really do try to provide as Eco-friendly a service as possible which I'm hoping will make me stand out from others and reassure you that the products you buy from me are not only recyclable, but are made from recycled and bio-degradable materials too, learn more about my Environment Policy here.

My wall prints and greeting cards feature original artwork which I sketch myself. You'll notice I love highland cows the most, but the plan is to develop lots of different furry friends as my venture continues, providing lovely people like you keep supporting it!

I run my business from my wee home... to my hubby's delight! I'm thankful for every single order I get, whether its for £3 or £300, because without each and every customer I wouldn't be able to chase my dream.

thanks for stopping by