Logo Design



How & when do i pay?


I'll email you a 50% booking invoice. You are booked in the diary as soon as this is paid. The remaining 50% is payable once we're both happy with all the final files.

How long does it take for me to receive my logo files?

Anywhere between 2 weeks and 2 months.

It depends entirely on what package you've chosen, the complexities of your brief and most importantly - your decisiveness!

How does the process work?

You enquire, you pay the booking invoice, i send you a brief to complete and return to me. I work on some ideas from your brief and gather your feedback from these. I refine things from there and you pay the final 50% and receive your final files.

Who are your logo services best suited to?

The majority of my clients are start ups and hobbyists needing an affordable but good quality logo package. Maybe you're a home baker, a dog walker, a joiner, an artist  - to name a few! I tend not to take on large scale, corporate projects who have thousands to spend on branding - I'm not there yet! If your brief sounds like something I might struggle with I will recommend local alternatives.


Why are you so cheap?

I am entirely self taught, which i feel needs to be reflected in my prices. Call it Imposter Syndrome, call it a silly business decision... it's what i'm comfortable charging at the moment. I may look to increase this in the near future as i develop my skills and get more confident. Although i'm self taught, rest assured I use the same software and techniques as other professional Graphic Designers. (It's amazing what you can learn with a few years of tutorials, practicing and researching). I'll create your logo in  the Adobe creative suite, and provide you with exactly the same file types including high resolution raster and vector files.

I'm on a tiny budget - should I just use a free mobile design app?

Don't do it!! These apps generally will give you a small, poor quality logo file which will go fuzzy and pixelate when you try to do anything with it. It will most likely have a solid white background to it as well which can be frustrating when trying to place it in website headers and flyers etc. You'll have no point of contact either when you're having trouble using your logo and need some quick advice.


I promise you, no matter how small your budget is - if you're serious about your small business - investing in a designer to create your logo files at the beginning is the best move you'll ever make. And i don't mean me, literally any professional designer - pay them! You will not regret it. It will save you a tonne of hassle every time you need something made with your logo on it. There is a lot more to logos than just a nice looking image. It's all about the file format, the file resolution, where each different file format should be used... we can advise you personally on all of this.


Please note the following:

We can take inspiration from, but can never directly copy, other logos that you show me when sending me your brief.

Any design ideas you choose to reject before we agree on your final logo remain my intellectual property which i am free to use elements from in future projects.

As explained above, since i am self taught, i may come across some challenges along the way if your brief is particularly complex, which i will always be transparent about - please just be patience with me as i learn.

In most cases "Branding" is entirely different from a "Logo", which is why i have named my Logo services accordingly. Although i'd love to be, i don't claim to be an expert in branding. Branding is a much more extensive project which should encapsulate the whole ethos and personality of a business and its mission. I simply enjoy designing logos and have developed my practice in this area considerably over the last few years.


Rejected Ideas

Sometimes my clients visions and mine don't align - it's all part of the process.

Here are a few ideas which weren't winners

Dedicated Design Days



My Dedicated Design Days are slots of my time which you can book out to have me to design something bespoke to your business. They are ideal for clients who already have their own logo but just need some packaging bits and pieces created in line with their logo. I can use your logo and create you items like business cards, thank you packing postcards, gift vouchers, custom stickers, flyers, social media post templates, instagram highlight covers, facebook page covers. For more information on prices, how to book, which slot is the best for you,  please drop me an email: hello@rusticrascalpapercraft.co.uk

Designing yourself?


Got your own design and just need something printed? I'm happy to help providing it's a product i can either make in-house or outsource and your design file meets the following criteria:

  • It's a high resolution file, at least 300dpi

  • It's one of the following file types: PNG, PDF, JPEG, EPS, AI or PSD

  • It has at least 3mm bleed applied

I don't accept the following: 

Screenshots, photos of drawn logos, logos via social media messages, small low resolution files that you have downloaded from mobile design apps, files without bleed.

These guides below will help you when providing me with your design files for print.