Rustic Rascal recently received a Highly Commended award in the UK Craft Business Awards
Most Sustainable Brand Category - BUZZING!



Rustic Rascal recognises its’ responsibility to stay mindful of the impact it is having on our environment. Learn about Rustic Rascal’s efforts to be as eco-friendly as possible in all aspects of running the business.


The electricity consumed at Rustic Rascal premises is backed by 100% renewable sources* click here to view my certificate 


Rustic Rascal commits to ensure that the supplies used are either recycled, supplied by FSC certified companies, or are recyclable and bio-degradable. I always check the environmental policies of suppliers carefully before making a decision about ordering materials from them. If they don’t mention helping the planet on their sites, they’re straight in the bin! Learn about The Paperbox Ltd's FSC Accreditation and detailed environmental specs of each and every type of paper and card they sell here, and this is what The Papermill Direct say about my trusty old kraft cardstock which I use on a daily basis "One main advantage to kraft paper card is that it’s bio-based, renewable and bio-degradable, so you can rest assured that the products within this range are highly recyclable, compostable and eco-friendly."

In September 2021, i made huge efforts to ensure that all my recyclable sticker sheets also had recyclable backing liner sheets, (something that you would assume was the case already but often isn't, and something which proved very difficult to source!).



 I have taken the Naked Card pledge which promises plastic free packaging. Read more about it with the link below. Because I sell paper goods, nailing plastic-free packaging that would still protect your orders from the elements wasn’t easy. I send almost all my stationery wrapped in recycled tissue paper, or completely in the buff where possible! On some occasions where they need slightly more protection like for wholesale for example (to be displayed in public gift shops), I protect my products using a bio-degradable alternative to plastic cello bags. These display bags are made from vegetable starches instead and they do the same job. My padded mailers are paper lined (not bubble-lined), 100% recyclable, certified plastic free and are also vegan-friendly. For large orders, I’ll pad up the boxes with rolled up brown paper or sometimes pack it out with the little cardboard zig-zaggy noodle things. I tape my packaging up with recycled tape too. All plastic free.

For planet friendly packaging inspo I would recommend:

It’s an ongoing process which is always changing and improving so there may be alternative packaging suppliers I use in future, but I will always ensure the items I use are planet friendly!



Rustic Rascal can also be found on Etsy. Etsy was the first major online shopping destination to offset 100% of carbon emissions from shipping. Every time you purchase one of my items from Etsy, they balance out the carbon emissions by creating positive environmental impact. You can learn more here and watch their video



Rustic Rascal’s uses HP Instant Ink. They “eliminate waste with closed-loop recycling”. HP Planet Partners ensure their ink cartridges are manufactured with reformed plastics, consisting of plastics from previously recycled cartridges and recycled plastics from other sources. Watch their inspiring work here

The new Xerox Versalink C800 printer i use holds the following environmental certificates: Energy Star, ECOLOGO, EPEAT and Blue Star. Find out more here