Letter To Santa Pack

Ho ho ho! The Santa letters have been re-designed this year and come with a fun little extra!


The pack includes:

1 x Childrens Fill-in-blanks letter to Santa

1 x Printed Envelope addressed to Santa*

1 x Special Santa Stamp to stick on the envelope for fun**


I often have confused parents asking... but how does the whole santa mail situation actually work?! SO!


There are two ways of doing it: 

1 - Actually post this letter via Royal Mail, they have a deadline for posting it usually by the 5th,6th or 7th December, not sure of 2020's deadline yet. for confirmation please check their website direct for more information 

2 - the easiest option! Don't post anything, keep them to look back on, just pretend or tell the kids you have posted it (you're already fibbing to them about santa anyway so one more fib is fine! Ha!) then shortly after buy my Personalised Santa Reply as well, on a separate listing. Simple! You're not doing any actual posting this way.


* The address on the envelope is where Google tells you to send all UK santa letters. I personally don't know or can't guarantee where they end up and what happens to them if you choose to post them!

** The special santa stamp i've included is purely just for fun, it's not a real stamp! Please do not post your letters properly with only this sticker on them. If you are going to post via royal mail, please pop a real stamp on it!


Letter To Santa Pack

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