Custom Design Slots

Limited July design slots available, message me on my socials to book one! @rusticrascalpapercraft

My Custom Design Slots are slots of my time which you can book out to have me to design something bespoke to your business.


There are different types of slots available to suit different requirements. The Dedicated Design Days are ideal for clients who already have their own logo but just need some packaging bits and pieces created in line with their logo. The Branding Slots are for clients who are just starting up or needing a re-brand, you'll get a logo and logo variations and some packaging items designed with that too. The available custom design slots are released on the last Sunday of every month, for the month ahead. You call me and pay a 50% booking fee to secure the slot, and the remaining 50% when we're happy with final designs. For more information on prices, how to book, which slot is the best for you,  please download the following guide and have a read through.

More info and galleries coming soon - this page is a work in progress!

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